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February 21, 2017

Good news. Members of the SaveLantzvilleForest will be meeting with our local MLA Michelle Stilwell at her Parksville constituency office on March 10. We are thankful to have this opportunity and look forward to having a good conversation about how to increase protection within the woodlot. The Minister of Forests Steve Thomson has indicated that the woodlot could be purchased. However,we have already explored this option with the license holder and potential supporters but this possibility doesnt look feasible and doesnt guarantee increased protection.

Last year we spoke with the Deputy Minister Craig Sutherland and he indicated that ideally Woodlots should only have a small negative impact on local communities and be “low key”. This is no longer the case in our community and our views are supported  by  District councillors and the majority of residents. Our petition with thousands of hand drawn signatures and addresses attests to the fact that we enjoy a lot of support.

We wish to present a plan that enhances the preservation of the most important ecological and recreational areas within the woodlot. Many locals wish to entirely end logging in the woodlot but is there a compromise solution that is better than the status quo? Can we find come up with a scenario whereby the majority of us feel represented and satisfied instead of only a few?

We shall explore all possibilities and keep you posted. Wish us luck!


February 3, 2017   A few photos taken during a forest walk. Despite the snow there were lots of folks getting some exercise and enjoying the peace and quiet of this magical forest.

The savelantzville forest group have respectfully asked MLA Michelle Stilwell for a meeting and to present to her  the several thousand petitions that we have collected. We shall keep you posted!




Sweet Melissa2


June 5, 2016 -Active logging is happening again in Upper Lantville – The Woodlot.
This photo reveals damage to the Sweet Melissa trail where it intersects Firebucket.

Its a shame to see destruction of an existing trail system that many of us enjoy and this public land could have been a draw for tourism to Lantzville which is something our community desperately needs. Our business community including the owners of the Market , Garage and Slegg Lumber all recognized this and were strong supporters of the SaveLantvilleForest effort to lobby for a recreational area that we could all be proud of. The economic benefits for Lanztville businesses if we had a dedicated recreational area that was on the tourist map far exceed any potential benefit from a few weeks of logging.

Ask our MLA Michelle Stilwell (250 248-2625)about whether she can be more involved and help in protection of public land that falls within the DOL boundaries. Our community spear headed petition has over 3600 signatures calling for protection of the forest. Can we not set a respectable part of the woodlot aside that will be dedicated for recreation?

Shouldn’t we be doing something to help our business community?
The village centre will soon look like a ghost town.
Look at the Cumberland Village core that thrives off of tourism brought into town because of a recognition that outdoor recreation can greatly benefit the community by creating economic opportunities.

Ask your councillors and MLA to find out whats happening….

May 9, 2016 – Road building has started again with imminent logging planned. Mr.Gregson has signalled his intention to build a road that will extend by several hundred meters towards Knarston Creek and other roads are planned as well. Hopefully a few trees including the old growth veterans will be spared.

January 2016 – Read the Nanaimo Bulletin article to find out what Minister of Forests Steve Thomson thinks about ending logging in the Woodlot.

Nanaimo Bulletin January 20, 2016

Unfortunately, Minister Steve Thomson has listened but not accepted the concerns of the community and our wish to create a community park is being denied. In fact, if the District of Lantzville(DOL) were to purchase the license, the Ministry would still demand that the forest be logged! Isn’t that incredible! The forest must be logged no matter what the majority of citizens, the business community and the councillors and Mayor say. The only glimmer of hope that was offered was that if the DOL controlled the license then the woodlot management plan could be adjusted with increased protection.


December 2015

December 23 – Nanaimo Bulletin story. Read the article to find out if MLA Stilwell is sympathetic to the wishes of thousands of her constituents. Click below.

Logging is allowed to continue by BC Liberals despite District of Lantzville motion calling for protection of forest. Majority of citizens and local businesses as well as 2000 people who signed petition are as of yet unable to convince government to do the right thing. Is democracy alive and well in BC?

Logging continues in Lantzville’s watershed despite health and safety concerns. Whats the evidence that logging has no effect on our dwindling ground water supply? Ask Minister Steve Thomson about the Water Sustainability Act that will come into effect in February 2016.

October 25, 2015 – Logging and road building has started again in the Woodlot. Please contact Minister Steve Thomson and MLA Michelle Stilwell to let them know about your concerns and your wish to protect the forest. 

A quick email could make a big difference.  

Minister Thomson –  FLNR.Minister@gov.bc.ca

MLA Stilwell – Michelle.Stilwell.MLA@leg.bc.ca


 Lantville Council Motions-sept-28-2015 and rationale

PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION  AND HELP US CONVINCE THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT- https://savelantzvilleforest.com/sign-our-petition/

About Woodlot 1475

Woodlot 1475 is a 244 hectare parcel of public land located in Upper Lantville. It is an “urban forest” given that it is located in a residential area with more than 100,000 people living within 20 km.

This forest is located within the Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem, one of the most endangered ecosystems in British Columbia. The forest contains a fish-bearing stream (Knarston Creek), wetlands and vernal pools. A number of threatened species reside in the forest.

This forest represents an incredible recreational area which is easily accessible and has a well established trail system already used by many.

It could be so much more than a woodlot.

We have directed our efforts at trying to learn more about the woodlot in order to make the case for preservation. To this end, we have met up with the loggers as well as members of the Ministry of Lands, Forests and Natural Resources.

We have also obtained two independent biologist reports of the property which can be viewed on this site.

In 2005 I retired from a job in Toronto and moved to Nanaimo, where my wife and I joined a hiking group. The trails we commonly hike are located in an area spanning from Ladysmith to Mount Washington. We have seen beautiful mountains, lakes and forests in many places. One forest we commonly hike in is part of Woodlot 1475. This woodlot is unique. It contains some of the most beautiful stands of Douglas Fir, and maple anywhere seen on Vancouver Island. The woodland is easily reached from Lantzville and Nanaimo. This is one reason why, over the last month, I hiked with my hiker friends three times through Woodlot 1475. The forest there is just to beautiful and to valuable to be clear-cut.

– BD, Nanaimo

You can help

We need your help to save this area from being logged. Please sign up as a supporter so that we can convince the Ministry that there are many of us who share similar values. A show of support by numbers will send a powerful message to the government. This is your chance to make a difference.

We wish to ask the MLA and Minister Michelle Stilwell and Minister of Environment Mary Polak to reconsider the current land designation. We are currently making an application for the property to be designated a Wildlife Protection Area.