Active logging damages trail network


Active logging is happening in Upper Lantville – The Woodlot.
These photos reveal damage to the Sweet Melissa trail where it intersects Firebucket.

Its a shame to see destruction of an existing trail system that many of us enjoy and this public land could have been a draw for tourism to Lantzville which is something our community desperately needs. Our business community including the owners of the Market , Garage and Slegg Lumber all recognized this and were strong supporters of the SaveLantvilleForest effort to lobby for a recreational area that we could all be proud of. The economic benefits for Lanztville businesses if we had a dedicated recreational area that was on the tourist map far exceed any potential benefit from a few weeks of logging.

Ask our MLA Michelle Stilwell (250 248-2625)about whether she can be more involved and help in protection of public land that falls within the DOL boundaries. Our community spear headed petition has over 3600 signatures calling for protection of the forest. Can we not set a respectable part of the woodlot aside that will be dedicated for recreation?

Shouldn’t we be doing something to help our business community?
The village centre will soon look like a ghost town.
Look at the Cumberland Village core that thrives off of tourism brought into town because of a recognition that outdoor recreation can greatly benefit the community by creating economic opportunities.

Ask your councillors and MLA to find out whats happening….


2 thoughts on “Active logging damages trail network

  1. Hello Niels These are very bad news and it is hard to believe if there would not be a proof.

    There was just an article in the paper – see attachment – So this not working for us? We need a new Government – PRONTO – ( but which one??? ) No one feels responsible and when lets say a mud slide happen because of all the logging – than there is a big cry out! Don’t they think or plan. But most likely is the big quick bug they can make and don’t think about the future. Talking to the ML does not help at all.



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