Beautiful day in the forest

Fresh snow in the forest made for a magical walk. Followed a trail up to the waterfall.  Too bad many of these trees will be cut down in a few months……

7 thoughts on “Beautiful day in the forest

  1. Yup, I ran the the entire outer loop last week, before this snow. Awesome. I head up there several times a month. Also had a look at some of the past logging in the woodlot. Nice reforestation. Logging practices seem to be done properly. And I am ok with both recreational and forestry uses on these lands
    Gotta think that if the woodlot operator and forestry worked with recreational users, that the main trails could be protected, or new ones built that would work well in conjunction with future logging. I talked to Forestry some time ago, seemed willing to consider looking at both uses. I may contact them again to discuss options.


  2. The wishes of the community aren’t necessarily 100% for preservation of all of the trails with more limited logging. Some of the community is fine with the current level of logging, some prefer total preservation, some are ok with a mix of uses. Finding the balance is the challenge. I’m going to call Forestry next week for a chat.
    Niel feel free to send me an email and we can arrange a time to talk.


    1. Max, we have about 4000 signatures and many of them are from folks who live in Lantzville. Clearly the “balance” isn’t being met. Are you aware that the DOL councillors and Mayor went to Victoria to petition Minister Steve Thomson? Have you studied the management yourself?


  3. “Many” of them live in Lantzville…. yes, and it isn’t rocket science to get a bunch of folks on line to sign up for things these days. And yes I was aware of DOL councillors and the petition, and I wrote a letter to the Minister as well. The reality is that the logging practices are in my opinion being carried out is a sustainable way, with minimal negative impacts on the environment. And the main recreational users are local, so this is really a local trail system, with watershed protection in place. I had a look at an older management plan, but want to make sure that I have the most current plan, so I will contact Forestry. If you have a copy, can you post it, or send to my email?


    1. I have actual signatures and addresses on paper. Not sure why you are so skeptical about why the majority of citizens don’t want to see this forest logged. The DOL recognized this and drove all the way to Victoria to meet the Minister for only a short meeting and the only reason they did this is because they know there is popular support in protecting this area. Many users are also from Nanaimo and MLA Krog recognized this and also wrote the Minister.It’s really a no brainer. The majority of people recognize that logging is an important part of our economy but see that on VI we are already logging almost everywhere you look and that this forest is a prime recreational area and with increased densification it makes sense to protect it. Why are you and a silent minority’s so desperate to see this forest logged???
      You are correct in that the license holder has done a reasonable job in following forestry practices but that’s not the point!


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