Big Cut planned for next month

In a personal communication with a member it was revealed that the Woodlot license holder plans to cut 3 years worth of trees or 75 logging trucks worth of trees sometime in the next month or so.

The proposal supported by council and Nanaimo Area Land Trust to protect a portion of the forest from logging has been rejected without a credible explanation.

Why would the Ministry and Minister Donaldson reject a compromise plan that the majority of citizens support with a plan in place to compensate the woodlot license holder?

Hopefully a meeting can be called with the Ministry to discuss and come up with a solution that also represents the interests of our community.

Write the Minister and District Manager to voice your displeasure with the dismissal of the proposal and ask them to reconsider,

One thought on “Big Cut planned for next month

  1. Hi Niels, before I contact anyone at “Forests”, does anyone have more details on the proposed logging activity? Location of cuts, reasons for dismissal of the proposed compromise solution? Copies of any feedback received to date by SLF or NALT from Forests on the SLF proposal?
    I would like to engage in a meaningful dialogue with Forestry reps, versus sending more letters or emails which may end up with me receiving a “polite reply acknowledging receipt of my concerns”, and end up in the “round file”. While I have some thoughts on why they may have rejected the SLF proposal, it would be helpful to know what if any feedback they have given to date before I contact them. Thanks.


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