Woodlot update

April 2, 2018 The need for action is great given that logging is expected soon.

We are in process of obtaining opinions from provincial parties in regards to the Minister of Forests response to the District of Lantzville’s supported Knarston Creek proposal.
MLA Stilwell has said she is supportive but she also supports Mr.Gregson and hasn’t expressed an opinion in regards to whether the Ministers response has been adequate.
Minister Donaldson only supports registering the trail leading that follows Knarston Creek but isn’t interested in reducing the allowable cut or changing the management plan even though we can fund the compensation that would be due to the license holder. Any reduction in government revenue would be trivial give how small the woodlot is.
We are not only interested in trail protection but seek to protect the Knarston Creek Corridor from any further logging. The proposal asks for a change in the Woodlot management plan and this is what the majority of citizens want and this is why the District of Lanztville has supported the proposal.
The fact that other areas of crown land have been protected doesnt address our concerns.
We have reached out to the Green Party and MLA’s Sonia Furstenau and Adam Olsen.
There will be further news stories in the coming

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