Logging in BC is an important part of our economy and provides jobs for thousand of British Columbians. We need to support our industries and keep Canadians employed and capable of earning a living.

However, the fact that forestry is important in BC does not mean that all forests should be logged.  Some forests are more valuable for the non-timber benefits that they produce than they are managed for timber and pulp.

In the case of Woodlot 1475, the economic benefits to the province of British Columbia are trivial with only minimal revenue earned by the provincial government and the woodlot license holder.  It is our understanding that the woodlot only provides employment for a handful of people once every few years, and the revenue earned by the government including licensing fees and stumpage is on the order of $1000 per year.  This appears to be logging for the sake of logging, not for the public good.

In contrast, the forests in Woodlot 1475 have high biodiversity values, recreational values, and traditional use values that greatly exceed the value of the forest managed for timber.  Woodlot 1475 should be managed for non-timber values, and logging should be directed towards more appropriate forests.

We don’t understand why the decision was made to log the forest, but it is not too late to change it.  A significant portion of Woodlot 1475 has not yet been logged by the current woodlot licensee.  We encourage the government to put a moratorium on any further road-building and logging, and find the licensee an alternative source of timber elsewhere.