Below are some of the comments we’ve heard and read from concerned citizens in the area of Lantzville Forest.


I walk here 3 – 4 X a week with my dogs and marvel at the beauty, the serenity, the variety… It must not be logged.  Surely there are other, more inaccessible woodlots that can be exploited. Leave this one alone, it is too well used for recreation.

– KM, Lantzville

In 2005 I retired from a job in Toronto and moved to Nanaimo, where my wife and I joined a hiking group. The trails we commonly hike are located in an area spanning from Ladysmith to Mount Washington. We have seen beautiful mountains, lakes and forests in many places. One forest we commonly hike in is part of Woodlot 1475. This woodlot is unique. It contains some of the most beautiful stands of Douglas Fir, and maple anywhere seen on Vancouver Island. The woodland is easily reached from Lantzville and Nanaimo. This is one reason why, over the last month, I hiked with my hiker friends three times through Woodlot 1475. The forest there is just to beautiful and to valuable  to be clear-cut.
– BD, Nanaimo
I am a resident of Ladysmith, Vancouver Island.  My son and his family and my two grandchildren are residents of Lantzville.
This area is enjoyed greatly and the trails are enjoyed by them all.   I strongly believe in urban forests – for reasons to preserve the original ecology in tact and to support its survival if necessary.  We have one planet – when the natural resources are exhausted there will be nothing left to support the ecosphere as a whole.  The natural beauty of areas such as Lantzville Woodlot 1475 is a resource of inestimable value and future income, as is, to the future of Vancouver Island for this and future generations to come. Most importantly is the intrinsic value of the earth as a whole entity – each part of the system supports the other.
Please save Woodlot 1475!!!!!!
– HE, Ladysmith
We need to preserve our forests adjacent to cities and towns – no one wants to hike in a clear-cut.
– MS, Nanaimo
I walk there daily and see a constantly changing forest. The wildflowers include orchids which are fragile & rare. The fresh air & peace in the forest give a feeling of well-being to the many walkers that are enjoying nature so close to home. Please preserve it!
– JC, Lantzville
For nearly the past 20 years my family have gone to the forest to walk, run, and hike. It is such a beautiful part of lantzville and it would be so sad to see it gone.
 – MP, Nanaimo
I live in  lantzville… I stand behind any opportunity to save a little forest, especially when it’s in my back yard…  I believe in logging as I’m a carpenter., but that’s too close.
– AB, Lantzville
I am writing to express my concern regarding the potential deforestation of the Lantzville urban forest. This area should be kept for public use, as it is on public land.
– BT
I am a user of this forest, walking and riding. The trail system is incredible with the creeks and ridges.
– DR, Lantzville
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